About this Blog

I’m the son of a field biologist. As a tow-headed lad I followed him through the bogs and forests of Maine as he taught his students about the value of the ecosystem. Each plant and animal were as crucial to the existence of the other, and they all depended on the proper balance to thrive.

As I spent more time in marketing at startups, I began to grasp the similarities between a traditional ecosystem and the complicated work that must be done to maintain customer relationships. This blog explores the issues pertaining to the customer lifecycle and the steps startups can take to build and maintain the customer ecosystem. The blog also makes occasional detours into discussions around lean startups and customer development.

The customer ecosystem model I developed is based on four aspects of customer marketing touchpoints: acquisition, conversion, upsell and retention.

The model rates each touchpoint with a red-yellow-green designation: weak, fair, good.

Most importantly, this blog is a place for discussion.

This blog represents my own thoughts and not those of Steve Ballmer or Lil’ Wayne.